Surrender to Lord Krishna

This is an ancient story of king Jayamal who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. The story is mentioned in the “Bhaktamala” book of Vaishnava sect.

King Jayamal was a devotee of Lord Krishna and he uses to worship with total devotion and surrender. Sri Krishna and Sri Rama are two deities who are worshipped with different names and forms. both are the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Jayamal used to worship Krishna with the name ‘Syamalasundra’ (Syamala means dark and Sundra means beautiful). he never felt the need to worship any other deity. His devotion and surrender to Syamalasundra were total. He had no doubt in his mind that his deity does not exist. He used to worship his deity till mid-day and after that, he used to take care of the kingdom affairs. so the first half was totally devoted to the worship of God and the second half of the day was to rule the kingdom in the name of god. When king Jayamal used to sit for Krishna worship at that time he was a pure devotee and not a king. he would never leave the worship no matter how great is the emergency. There was strict instruction that doesn’t bother the king when he is in the prayer room. when a devotee is totally absorbed in the worship of deity then the bliss experienced during that time is indescribable and is greater than any kingdom, but the neighboring king had an eye on the Jayamal kingdom. one day he came to know about this secret and decided to attack the Jayamal kingdom in the morning when the king will be busy in worship. Jayamal ministers approached him for guidance. but the king refused to take charge of the situation and left everything on god. he said “This kingdom was given to me by my lord Krishna and if he has decided to take it away then what can I do. on the other hand, if his blessings are on me then nobody will be able to harm me”. so Jayamal kept on praying to his lord. ministers also decided to wait till midday when the king takes charge of kingdom affairs. when a real devotee becomes a child and leaves everything on god. then God has to take charge of devotee life and well being. he does everything that is best for the devotee. in this case, Syamalasundra, the deity himself, had taken the king’s horse and went to the battlefield. Syamalasundra killed the entire army of the enemy king. After the worship was over, king Jayamal came out of the prayer room and went to the battlefield. he saw his horse panting and covered with sweat. he saw that the whole army of the enemy king is destroyed except the king. Enemy king told Jayamal about a blue warrior who destroyed his whole army but spared him to tell the story. now the enemy king was no longer interested in his wealth or in his kingdom. he only wanted to know about the blue warrior who has cast a spell on his heart and captivated his soul. Jayamal understood that it was his deity who had fought the battle on his behalf. the enemy king worshipped Jayamal and through his blessings received lord Krishna’s grace.#astrology #LordKrishna

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