October 2023

Saturn Exalted In Astrology

The King of Karma is Saturn! For the benefit of society as a whole, he subsumes his personality. He works incognito among the crowd and doesn’t care about recognition. He perseveres and works nonstop to ensure that everyone receives their just rewards. He is interested in making up for past wrongs, balancing outstanding Karma, and

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Saturn In the Second House For Capricorn Ascendant

People with Saturn in the second house who were born under the Capricorn ascendant are inclined to address their finances seriously and practically. They prioritise long-term financial security and have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to managing their resources. These people could initially experience difficulties and restrictions when trying to accumulate wealth,

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Mars In All Zodiac Sign

Mars in Aries Mars in Aries is an extremely impulsive position. Natives of Aries with Mars in their sign have a strong urge to act. The Mars in Aries personality is characterised by sudden outbursts, yet their rage typically doesn’t linger for very long. They actually tend to avoid dwelling on the past, carrying grudges,

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This guy is true gentleman was searching for love and the stars gave him a life long loving partner, I was pretty sure this year he will able to find his true love, Glad I could help him.

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I remember this guy was actually arguing that he do not see any gains as per his practical analysis, Well stars had different plans for him, Glad my guidance could help him.

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How Is Jyestha Nakshatra?

Any nakshatra gives results based on its mythological story, Jyestha nakshatra lord is Indra dev, which means in jyestha nakshatra people lives a lot themes will play like Indra dev, I am sharing a few stories below:- Lord Indra is the god of the Jyeshtha nakshatra. Indra is the monarch of the gods and is

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Rahu In The 6th House

Rahu in the sixth house often indicates creative and risk-taking personalities. Rahu will help you win any sporting events, competitions, or elections because the 6th House is the House of Enemies. The sixth house also represents illnesses. You’ll be able to successfully treat long-standing illnesses, and the results are often beneficial. This can only provide

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