September 2022

परमात्मा की लाठी

एक साधु वर्षा के जल में प्रेम और मस्ती से भरा चला जा रहा था, कि उसने एक मिठाई की दुकान को देखा जहां एक कढ़ाई में गरम दूध उबाला जा रहा था तो मौसम के हिसाब से दूसरी कढ़ाई में गरमा गरम जलेबियां तैयार हो रही थीं।  साधु कुछ क्षणों के लिए वहाँ रुक

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She is my regular client and often takes predictions from me, this day was something special, she was trying hard to get the opportunity in the USA through her company only, she was having her 10th lord in 12th house which was the perfect combination, and luckily after 2 months Saturn was going to transit

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This lady was jobless for 2 years and when I saw her chart I first looked at her 10th house, Shani, Rahu-Ketu, Jupiter transit, and most importantly dashas, luckily her 10th lord antardasha was coming I told her she will get the job and gave her timeline, luckily she got the job in the giving

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