Panch Mahapursh Yog in Vedic Astrology

Based on the strength and location of the five planets MARS, MERCURY, JUPITER, VENUS, SATURN the five yogas are formed considering PANCH MAHAPURASH YOGA are as follows:-


It is formed when mars exalted in Capricorn or its own sign (aries or scorpio), is located in KENDRA from the lagna. This yoga doesn’t exist when the lagan is DUAL RASHI. It only occur when the ascendant is a MOVEABLE SIGN or EARTH SIGN. The native having ruchaka yoga usually have good looks. He has notable face, pretty face, eyebrows, dark hair with darkish complexion. He has a slim waist. Such a native usually have courageous and bold personality. Ruchaka yoga confers on the native a capacity for discrimination. Such a native usually is devoted to elder and Brahmins.
Example: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Rahul Dravid


It is formed when mercury, exalted in VIRGO or in its own sign Gemini and is located in a Kendra. It formed only in DUAL SIGN. The person born in bhadra yoga are usually physically strong and have long legs and arms. He has a commanding starture, broad chest and shoulders with beautiful forehead. Having this yoga person usually enjoys high status and wealthy life. Native will be of lustful and self indulgent nature and live a luxurious and long life.

Example: Lal Bahadur Shastri(Former PMO), Bill Gates, Elbert Einstein, Dr. Rajendraprasad


It is formed when Jupiter comes in cancer, which is its exalted sign, or in its own sign saggitarius or pisces and is located in Kendra. It is well formed in MOVEABLE SIGN or DUAL SIGN. One born in this yoga usually have fair colour and golden luster in the skin. Such a native have thirst of knowledge. He enjoys varied physical and material comforts all his life A woman having Hamsa Yoga with non-afflicted and strong Jupiter, will be lucky for her husband or married life, as Jupiter represents husband in a woman’s chart.
Example: Jayalalitha, Madhuri Dikshit, Benjamin Franklin


It is formed when venus exalted in pisces or in its own sign and is located in Kendra. Applicable for all lagnas. Native born under this yoga has a graceful appearance, fine and beautiful lips, slim waist, deep voice, sparkling teeth and a bright complexion like a full moon. Malavya yoga shower learning and wealth on the native. Such a person earns through his own efforts. He is powerful, and blessed with good wife, material comfort. Clever, learned . The native will be in contact with many women, in his life but this does not mean his character is questionable. If this combination (yoga) is afflicted by malefic planets, the native will have bad or not so trusty worthy character. A native having Malavya Yoga, with strong Venus in his/her birth chart will get a very loving and supporting spouse, as Venus represents marital bliss, in a person’s birth chart.
Example: Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, John F Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi.


It is formed when Saturn is exalted in libra or in its own sign Capricorn and aquarius and is located in Kendra. It is applicable only for MOVEABLE and EARTH SIGN. Brave and cruel, one born in this yoga is of medium height, slim waist and high set teeth. He has beautiful legs and has a fast but regular gait. Native usually have dark complection They usually point out faults of other. If this combination is afflicted by malefic planets, the person will be a bad character (may be even a robber). He will not hesitate in stealing or enjoying others’ wealth. . The shasha yoga native usually love their mother a lot.
Example: Jimmy Carter(Former U.S.A. President ), Margaret Thatcher.

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