Importance of Saturn

Saturn is the second largest and well decorated planet. The beauty of this planet is its rings given by the divine universe to make it unique among other planets. Saturn plays important role in JYOTISH SHASHTRA as Saturn is the planet which make us aware about our past life deeds. The bad deeds of past life will be the reason of happening of this life depending upon the placement and sign where Saturn is sitting in ones horoscope. Saturn gives us self control, limitations and boundaries. Wherever Saturn sits in whatever house and sign it tell our limitation, self control and boundaries of that particular house.

Saturn is the lord of karmas. According to the placement of Saturn (in different house and sign) and can easily know the sector where we need rectification and discipline or action to be taken for fulfilling responsibilities. Saturn take different kind of test in the form of hurdles in life to test our patience and honesty towards work and later it makes free to enter into realms of the super force. Saturn takes about 30 years for a complete oscillation. Saturn is a slow moving planet hence it makes everything slow that is why everything in life become very slow and it makes one suffer delays, frustration and pressures but in the end these challenges makes us aware from realities and offer wisdom and even freedom.

Saturn period gives us opportunity to gain inner strength to become more sincere. Saturn period often makes our wish unfulfilled, we often feel misunderstood and even alone, we often feel unfilled but this transit teach us to take responsibility of ourselves. At the outset of saturn we might feel like the world is a cold place but we need to reach within and pull out our own inner strength to rely on ourselves. Whenever we find ourselves facing great odds and loss during saturn transit we must remember that these things are happening as the result of our past life deeds. So in this period it is advisable to only focus on discipline honesty and being responsible. This period in your life is a time for building a solid foundation.


SAGE BHRIGU in nadi astrology tells about Saturn as KARMA(profession). Every individual on the earth has a job or profession to do and fulfill his day to day needs. Through bhrigu an astrologer can easily know the profession and the best profession to be chosen by just looking at the position of the Saturn. The planet which is aspected by third aspect of Saturn tells us the way of an individual will perform his actions. Saturn also helps in knowing the timing of events in a natal chart. Saturn is called a karmic planet which tells about action of an individual in the path of life. Similarly like dasha bhukti, naadi astrology an astrologer can predict event of life just by looking at the transiting Saturn and the planet conjunct with Saturn.

Example: When mars is in third house from Saturn, we can be sure that a person must be using his hands skill in his profession. Saturn while transit aspect venus from the third house shows the time of profession. In addition when the Jupiter conjunct Saturn , a person usually choose teaching or managing type of job, and sometimes if the other planetary position are also favorable then a person can be astrologer as well, similarly Saturn and sun conjunct usually gives the native authoritative types of job and when Saturn conjunct with mercury and sun , a person usually run small business or family business.

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