Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology?

Ans. Yes, Astrology, as a science, is always correct. It is we humans who make errors while making calculations. People are bound by the ‘Law of Karma’ and its states that ‘fruit’ is its natural corollary. In other words, Karma has its own consequences – positive or negative. There is a particular ‘time’, destined by the divine Brahma when ‘fruits’ of our Karma will blossom, and we’d to have live with it. Astrological readings become incorrect only in two circumstances – When either the astrologers make mistake while reading the chart or when data provided by the native has some discrepancies.

Ans. No, a native cannotchange its future, but definitely, with the help of remedies, a person can manage the bad time. Hence, the motive behind predicting the future is to align our Karma accordingly so problems that we might have to face in the future get delayed or minimized. Astrologers suggest certain methods to please certain planets that have caused wrath in our life. The reason for planets’ wrath is our own Karma, and when we get to know the reason we have to please them so that they forgive us for what we have done in the past. For example, if a native is facing problems in his life due to Saturn, the probability is that the native has done injustice to people in their past lives. Saturn punishes these people and upholds the Dharma. Now, a native would have to please Saturn through chanting mantras as well as living their life with utmost honesty.

Ans. Astrology shows the path to the native by draining misconceptions that we have harbored for years in our minds about our life. People generally see one or two setbacks in their life as the ‘end of life.’ Astrologyworks as a flaming torch when human eyes failed to see the light. Astrological readings will make you more conscious of your Karmas, thus aiding you to purify your own Karmas and bring positive changes in your life. The native grows in his life when he is compos mentis about the strengths and weakness of planets in his birth chart, and thus contemplate upon them before doing any Karma. As said by Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Geeta, Conscious Karma is the key to liberation. Thus, it is upon us how we see the role of astrology in our life. Making the best use of Jyotish Vidya can liberate the native as well.

Ans. The answer is No. The reason being is our life is not a straight path. We have different areas like career, finance, property, and marriage and we try to make each of them compatible with each other. We have a tendency to get disturbed when we struggle in one of the areas of our life. Planetary positions, Nakshatras, and Certain Doshas affect our life. However, it is important to note that there is a certain time when such things affect our life. Each native gets affected in a different way at different areas of life in each transit of planets. Thus, it is advisable for natives to consult astrologers in each transit so that they can prepare themselves and handle the situation in a much better way.

Ans. Yes, of course. Remedies have the power to bring sudden changes in the life of the native if followed earnestly. Remedies are given on the basis of the birth chart of the native. Hence, two things are very important for remedies to work – 1) Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of birth should be accurate. 2) Astrologers should have expertise in chart reading and giving conclusions based on that. Astrologers recommend mantras and gemstones to natives according to the affected planets in their birth chart. However, it is to be noted that natives must not wear any gemstone or chant the mantra without personally consulting an astrologer. Our Shastras have laid down a systematic method to chant the mantra which should not be violated at any cost. Proper guidance from the Guru is important before commencing the chanting of Mantra. Remedies work when they are faithfully followed without deviating from set rules.

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