Fifth House in Astrology

Fifth house refers to education (house of learning), intellect, wisdom, creative faculties, mantras, emotions, fame, grandfather, lottery, romance and affairs and most important it is also called PURVA PUNYA STHAN house in astrology.



Makes Kendra trikona rajyoga, and as 5th house is the house of past life that shows person will get benifited from his past deeds and use his intelligence to get name fame in his entire life. In this planetary position person usually give birth to bright child which bring happiness in his life. Native usually become very lucky in love affairs and romance. Native may be interested in occultism such as tantra-mantra and astrology.  As fifth house is the house of children if in the first house it is afflicted then it deny child birth.


2nd house is the house of social status, government status. When fifth lord comes in the second house person usually have good status and can join high status govt job as well. Fifth house is the house of stomach and second house is the house relates to food, 5th house lord in 2nd house gives beautiful wife. 2nd house also belongs to wealth, in this case native will be wealthy through his intelligence and speech. Fifth house lord in second house tends to love marriage. 2nd house is the house of values and fifth house is the house of kids so in this case native child get children having good values.


3rd house is the house of short  travel, and fifth house is the house of education so the person can go to short travel for his education. This person also could be writer, singer, journalist. 3rd house also belongs to self efforts, 5th house is house of past life deeds so this shows success to the native by his self efforts supported by his past life karmas.


Fourth house is the house of mother, achievement, property, vehicles. As fifth house shows past life karmas shows native will be lucky from his past life deeds. This position shows native will get all the comforts of life domestic peace, having all kind of comforts but as fifth lord goes 12th from itself it shows denial of children, only girl babies, or adoption of child. This position is excellent for education. 5th house is religion and spiritual. This combination makes a person quite spiritual and religious.


Lord of fifth house in fifth house gives good children, gives good digestion power. He will be intelligent, religious, and spiritual. He may be inclined towards astrology or teaching.


Lord of fifth house in 6th house, as 6th house is maraka house it is not at all good placement. In this type of planetary position a person has to pay back his past life karmas by struggling in this life. It is not good position for marriage , and can gives trouble, delay and outcaste marriage. 6th house is dushsthana as it is 2nd from 5th it cause trouble with father son relationship.


Lord of fifth house in 7th house, it strongly indicate love marriage. 5th house belongs to the children and seventh house belongs to the marriage as it is third from itself it creates problem in child birth or children of native may live far from native. In this planetary position native may also study in abroad as 5thhouse is education and 7th house is foreign land. It also makes KENDRA TRIKONA RAJYOGA so gives immense benefit to the native.


Usually 8th house belongs to DUSHSTHAN and as 5th house is auspicious house so 5th lord in 8th house is totally negative. This placement is not good for the child birth. 5th house is intelligence and 8th house is gambling. Person use his intelligence in gambling. This combination is also good for wealth from inheritance. As fifth house is education and 8th house is secret things, usually native goes into the occult science, tantric and magical practices.


9th house is bhavat bhavam of 5th house so it turns very positive. It usually makes a person charmayic, political, creative. Native could be royal and regal celebrity. He may have good relationship with father and as both are knowledge houses so the native can be highly eduacated. He may have good name and fame and can be fortunate in terms of money. Overall native can be PURE SOUL. 9TH house is one of the travel house sends native to the foreign land for different purposes. A well placed 5th and 9th house gives way to moksha as well.

10th HOUSE

5th house is house of LAXMI and 10th house is house of VISHNU. It gives professions in education, religion, politics etc. Native can be very successful in his professional life and can achieve high status in his professions. Native can be very knowledgeable and may get good recogization in society as 5th lord in 10th house makes RAJYOGAS. This planetary position also let the person enjoy KARMAS of past deeds as 5th house is past deeds and 10th house is our KARMAS.

11th HOUSE

5TH lord in 11th house, 5th house is past karmas and 11th house is current desires so 5th house lord in 11 th house can make the person help in fulfilling his desires. 5th house is creative house so the person can have gains from the creative things. Native may be intelligent and knowledgeable and he will use his intelligence to have financial gains. 5th lord in 11 th house is the one of the biggest DHANYOGA. Native may be benifited from elder siblings.

12th HOUSE

12th house is the house of moksha and fifth house is the house of knowledge so this shows person will use his knowledge to guide people in the way of spirituality. However if it is afflicted then native can make loss because of some decision. Native can be emotional, imaginative and at some extent he may have lack of ablility in judgement. Well placed planets can make him great spiritual person. As 5th house becomes 8th from fifth, it doesn’t give positive results in having a child. Either there may be medical issue or native himself may not have desire to have child.

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