This is the story of a very genuine lady, i still remember this lady was crying when she called me for the first time, after 14 years of marriage and 8 years old child her husband solely took the decision of divorce, this lady was telling me her journey with her husband that her husband had nothing when she got marry her and she supported her husband like anything and when her husband reach to the higher level of success he started having extra marital affairs, and when his wife caught him, he decided to divorce her, he started degrading her and used to mentally abuse her, she was shocked as she left her career just to support him and today he is ending 14 years of relationship. She was shattered but now after one and a half year she has resumed her studies she is divorced and very happy that she is out of this toxic relationship and now she realizes that it was her biggest mistake for crying over an abusive relationship, today i can proudly say she is studying in foreign land that too with scholarship.

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