Shailputri Maa: Embracing Divine Courage

🌸✨ Embracing Divine Strength: The Story of Shailputri Maa ✨🌸 In the celestial realms, there once lived a goddess of unparalleled grace and valor—Shailputri Maa, the beloved daughter of the mighty Himalaya. Her name, meaning “daughter of the mountain,” resonated with her divine lineage and innate strength. Shailputri Maa’s journey embodied courage, compassion, and the […]

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Diwali 2023

Things to keep in mind on DIWALI 2023 Lakshmi Pujan… On the day of Lakshmi Puja, the majority of Hindu families adorn their houses and places of business with marigold flowers as well as Ashoka, mango, and banana leaves. Maintaining unpeeled coconut covering Mangalik Kalash on either side of the main door of the house

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Well, I predicted her patchup with her boyfriend and it turned out to be true, my biggest hapiness is to see people happy and growing with the help of my knowledge and predictions

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Saturn Exalted In Astrology

The King of Karma is Saturn! For the benefit of society as a whole, he subsumes his personality. He works incognito among the crowd and doesn’t care about recognition. He perseveres and works nonstop to ensure that everyone receives their just rewards. He is interested in making up for past wrongs, balancing outstanding Karma, and

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Saturn In the Second House For Capricorn Ascendant

People with Saturn in the second house who were born under the Capricorn ascendant are inclined to address their finances seriously and practically. They prioritise long-term financial security and have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to managing their resources. These people could initially experience difficulties and restrictions when trying to accumulate wealth,

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