Prediction Stories


So, In her case, I told her that she will get job in specific time frame and she got the one, also I told her she have to compromise a bit, and she had to, Luckily she accepted.

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This girl short story was that she was waiting for a guy who broke up with her, and as predicted he did came back and also I mentioned he wont be interested in marriage so does happen, Luckily this girl realised whats good for her.

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Well, I predicted her patchup with her boyfriend and it turned out to be true, my biggest hapiness is to see people happy and growing with the help of my knowledge and predictions

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This guy is true gentleman was searching for love and the stars gave him a life long loving partner, I was pretty sure this year he will able to find his true love, Glad I could help him.

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I remember this guy was actually arguing that he do not see any gains as per his practical analysis, Well stars had different plans for him, Glad my guidance could help him.

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This is another story, this guy contacted me in august asking about his marriage timing and about getting job permenantly, I was reading his planets and was able to see through dasha and transit that he will get married after march only no matter what, then about his job after 15th of nov, planet sun

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She is my regular client and often takes predictions from me, this day was something special, she was trying hard to get the opportunity in the USA through her company only, she was having her 10th lord in 12th house which was the perfect combination, and luckily after 2 months Saturn was going to transit

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This lady was jobless for 2 years and when I saw her chart I first looked at her 10th house, Shani, Rahu-Ketu, Jupiter transit, and most importantly dashas, luckily her 10th lord antardasha was coming I told her she will get the job and gave her timeline, luckily she got the job in the giving

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