Planets In The Eighth House In Astrology


Because the Sun is an Atmkarak Planet, it is not a desirable natal position. Natal may be rakish, crafty, and Willy without work, extravagant, aggressive, willing to fight for no reason, violent, ill health, weak eyesight, and a laborious person. Natal will gain from the historic site. Natal will confront difficulties. Natal will travel much and may meet people of lesser social standing (opposite sex). Natal may waste money on the opposite sex, lose money through theft, or waste money by wandering around aimlessly. This could be harmful to the natal’s health. Such a natal is unable to experience happiness. Natal will never provide joy to others.


Natal may be terrified of the authority (professional, king, or government), or diseases that assault on a regular basis. If the moon is in a malevolent sign, the natal may have a short lifespan. Moon in its own sign, Mercury’s sign, or Venus’s sign indicates the likelihood of asthma, pneumonia, or cold-related disease disrupting natal. Natal may suffer from eye disorders, leprosy, or digestive problems, such as jaundice, haemorrhoids, piles, diabetes, or diarrhoea. However, the Moon in Cancer indicates a long life. If fortunate planets make an aspect to the Moon in this house, it implies that the natal will profit from maternal lineage. This condition will push people into occult science, for example. Natal will have surprising abilities. When a child is born in Shukla Paksha during the night (from sunset to sunrise) or Krishna Paksha during the day (from sunrise to sunset), the Moon will safeguard the child in the early stages of life.


It’s a bad situation. It is possible that the spouse will die. Officials with Mars in the eighth house are more likely to take a large bribe or make unexplained money. This position denotes a violent or sudden death. If Mars is in a watery sign, there is a chance of drowning in water. If Mars is a fire sign, there is a chance of dying due to fire, and so on. If Mars is in an airy sign, it implies that death is caused by a mental illness or an aeroplane disaster, for example. If Mars is afflicted in the eighth house, it suggests – harsh or uncultured language, critical or STD or sex-associated ailment. Mars in the ninth house also signifies high blood pressure, ulcers, leprosy, acidity, and renal problems.


Mercury alone in the eighth house can provide an abundance of fortune and renown. It’s a good position for a long time. When the Sun moves closer to this place, it means that you will receive benefits from your ruler, employment, social excellence, and celebrity status. Such a guy may believe in the truth, be a terrific host, and have a pleasant attitude. A wealthy person and a tranquil dying. Mercury in this position suggests ungratefulness, cunning, slyness, and passion. Natal may be afflicted by sickness. Natal might be familiar with otherworldly, unearthly science and literature. This position implies – strain owing to or related to a spouse, partner, etc. for females. This stance also suggests financial problems. Mars or Saturn affliction indicates – Mental difficulties or disease. Thigh pain, stomach pain, and nerve problems are all symptoms. Mercury in a weakened or enemy sign implies a short life span.


If Jupiter is in the tenth house, Natal may be a liar, a fabricator, and constantly ready to ruin others’ work. Natal has the potential to be selfish and repulsive. If Jupiter is in a weakened or retrograde sign, the aforementioned attributes may be more malevolent. Because the favourable planet in the eighth house predicts a lengthy life, such a natal may live a long life. Natal could be a hypocrate. Lever-related complications will cause difficulty for the natal, but a calm dying.


Venus, as a natural auspicious planet, denotes – Venus in the eighth house position is not excellent for natal, but aspects the second house (house of finance) and gives a long life span. Venus, as a planet, represents marriage and hence implies – not good for married life. When Saturn conjuncts Venus, it suggests impotency or a lack of concern for cleanliness. Long life, hard labour for riches due to second house features, yet favourable for the fortune of personnel working under natal. Ups and downs in financial condition are to be expected. Malevolent influence – unimpressive or hurtful speech, spouse’s death or illness, unclean labour, irritable disposition.


Saturn is a natural malefic planet, which suggests that Saturn in the eighth house is not a favourable natal situation. Saturn in the eighth house aspects the tenth, second, and fifth houses (houses of profession, finance, and education and progeny), generating an unpleasant position for the aforementioned houses. Saturn represents longevity, implying a long life span. Natal must deal with the loss of his health and fortune, as well as the loss of loved ones. Natal will have fewer children, will be lethargic by nature, will not have an attractive personality, will be always hungry, but will be a miser by nature. Such a natal will opt to remain in a strange place. Saturn afflicted will give you frustration, hopelessness, and long life but poor health. Death through accident or drowning in water, for example. Saturn’s fortunate influences will provide a long life with natural death, which will be beneficial for marriage, spouse, successor, or inheritor.

North Node Rahu

Natal will be ill-tempered (short-tempered), lack diplomacy, have malevolent ideas, have difficulties with testicles (big testicles), and have stomach ailment – lever, etc., which will be unsuitable or unwanted to elders. International travel. Chronic illnesses, Vaat, testicular problems, and stomach problems are all frequent. Unknown chronic disease is a possibility. Rahu well positioned implies – government or employer recognition, natal will enjoy peaceful thoughts, be healthy – affluent, and enjoys a good elderly era of life.

South Node Ketu

Ketu in Scorpio, Virgo, Aries, or Gemini denotes – benefits from government, athletics, and job perfection. This position also denotes good character, contentment, good entrepreneurship, and a long life span. Afflicted Ketu suggests that it will be difficult to reclaim advances or debts provided to others, or that there may be difficulties in recovering loans. Loss of friends, tension, injuries, an excess of opposition, and dread of automobiles are all possibilities.

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