Saturn In 12th House In Astrology

Saturn represents the native’s past living deeds, and when it comes to the twelfth house, it restricts the native’s peace of mind, quest for spirituality, quest for solitary time, and seeks for a location where he can be himself. Saturn in the 12th house forbids natives from being around new people or crowds, thus he will have to return to his own people. This could allude to spiritual paths or astral journeys. Saturn represents the underprivileged, and in this case, Saturn forces the local to travel to distant nations and support the underprivileged in order to bring discipline into the social position in order to assist them. The native with Saturn in the twelfth House, especially in their mid-thirties, start to get attracted to helping the unprivileged in foreign lands and can become a foreign policy diplomat or Secretary of State who manages the foreign social relations.

Saturn aspects the 2nd house, the house of family, lineage, and money, from the 12th house. Saturn represents constraints, which leads to alienation from family or land. Saturn in the 12th house represents someone who is seeking the spiritual realm. Saturn in the Twelfth House is a favourable situation for the native who can profit in foreign nations. Also, it will maintain the marriage intact for the native even with instability.

Saturn in the 12th House Produces Favourable Results in Astrology

  • It is possible to be a lover of solitude and a saint by nature.
  • One with Saturn in the 12th House may also be sympathetic.
  • One may be linked with begging, the jail, or philanthropic organisations.
  • One will secretively accumulate wealth.
  • Money can be made through shady jobs and menial labour.
  • One with Saturn in the 12th House will eliminate adversaries and do yagyas.
  • One of them will be the group’s leader.

Saturn’s inauspicious results in the 12th House of Astrology

  • When it comes to auspicious acts, one can be cowardly, shameless, and harsh.
  • One with Saturn in 12th House may be foolish, poor, and deceitful.
  • One can be immoral, disfigured, and overly eager to enjoy pleasures.
  • One may be interested in carrying out evil deeds.
  • One may lose or fracture a limb, which may constantly make one upset.
  • One is evil and suspicious.
  • One may devour meat and liquor, associate with lower people, be immersed in wicked employment, or be a fallen person.
  • Saturn in the 12th House can cause ungratefulness, harsh words, distrust, laziness, and undesirable habits.
  • One can become easily agitated.
  • Saturn might cause a person to be depressing and sad.
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