Story of this guy is, he was consulting me since 3 years about a particular person he was in love with and everytime i used to told him that you will get marry love marriage but the girl you love right now, well i am not sure about it, so just give yourself some time and few months later he got to know that the girl is cheating him, its just broke his heart, i looked at his chart at in november 2021 and i was seeing marriage yoga, i told him before march end 2023 you will be getting married, he was in full denial but i was sure that he will get someone and will get married, again in december he called and guess what he told me that he has got a proposal and that girl is very very good and he told him about his past and that girl provide him comfort and acceptance that made him fall for her, well i was also convinced with the girl’s chart, then a shock came to me , he send me his wedding card in january and he was getting married in February, i was amazed with the astrology logics.

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