This story is one of the story which is close to my heart, this lady had a breakup after 10 years of relationship, she was shattered and left her job, just crying whole day talking to different astrologer, one day she connected me i looked at her cand that guy’s chart, i used my kundali overlapping technique through which i got to know that the guy was self obsessed and that girl chart and future was looking promising better than that guy, i told her and guide her to excel her knowledge, enroll in some role and then apply for the higher role because i was able to see this kind of combination in her chart luckily she did, and because she indulge herself in studies she started meeting new people, also enhance her knowledge that helped her to heal herself, luckily after that one year of project manager course she got very good job with good package. I felt glad that when she was not able to see light in her life i came with a candle of hope.

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