Saturn In the Eighth House In Astrology

When Saturn transits the 8th house, you are forced to modify and redefine your identity at the most fundamental levels. This could entail a ritual purging or stripping away of your old identity to make room for the new. It’s about breaking old habits of behavior and letting go of cravings and ties to whatever is sapping your energy.

Saturn will make you examine your emotional attachments and regulate your want nature. This may occur as a result of your desires being frustrated: you can’t acquire what you need or want, or you recognize that acquiring what you want won’t make you happy in the long run. You must get rid of anything that is impeding your development as a whole person.

This is about self-mastery and transformation, and Saturn will challenge you to analyse how you use your power on all levels. During this transit, you may go through a lot of pain. Your attachments and wants are taken away and purified until you become more aware of the deeper forces at work in your life and brain. While in this house, Saturn will not accept shallow rubbish or avoidance of reality. It’s not fun and can feel like you’re in a personal hell or purgatory, but it’s important.

Saturn will compel you to face whatever you’ve been avoiding or rejecting. You may need to confront your worst fears in order to finally let them go. Fear of death, control, and the use of power are all issues that may arise and must be addressed. Your current experiences may bring into sharper focus issues about the purpose of life and death, as well as the reality of your soul, and you may become obsessed with topics like as the afterlife, reincarnation, and the occult. Saturn urges you to face death more realistically, to accept your own mortality and limitations in life.

This house is also about inheritance, which is another way of expressing that the past has an affect on the present, thus you may benefit from the death of a family member or spouse. The prospect of dying may also prompt you to plan your finances, write a will, or obtain insurance. There may be lessons to be learned about investments and joint assets that feel restrictive at this time.

Not all inheritances are monetary, and you may be able to overcome a long-standing emotional or psychological constraint that has its roots in the past. This is an excellent moment to delve deeply into your unconscious to see how your programming influences your life. You can uncover buried reasons and possibly even remove training that has been in place for many lives, whether your own, if you believe in reincarnation, or inherited from your ancestors. To be able to let go of the past, you must first address the inner conflicts that lurk in the unconscious, thus the deeper you go, the more you will be able to release.

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