Best Houses For Rahu In Astrology

When Rahu is placed in a certain house in the birth chart, it becomes auspicious. Rahu is regarded as beneficial in the third, sixth, and eleventh houses of the birth chart. Rahu’s presence in these houses helps the natives achieve higher results. These areas of the birth chart are also known as the upchaya households. Because Rahu is present in these houses, the effects of Rahu are very visible. Rahu’s sin effect aids in the person’s strength here. Rahu in the third house makes people aggressive. Because of Rahu’s influence, the person travels, makes social relationships, and becomes famous.

Rahu in the sixth house is also regarded advantageous. Rahu in this location gives the person courage; similarly to Rahu in the third house, Rahu in the sixth house gives the native courage and tact. Even the sage Parashar has mentioned Rahu in the sixth house to destroy the adversaries. Rahu can bestow beneficial power to a person, allowing him to suppress his opponents. When Rahu is in this house, the person will excel in legal matters and competitions.

Rahu in the eleventh house is likewise said to be advantageous. The eleventh house represents the fulfilment of aspirations as well as the house of profits. When Rahu is present, it motivates people to take action in their lives. Moving forward in the karmic arena, Rahu’s placement here strengthens the foundation for realising life’s fantasies.

Rahu can produce positive outcomes if it is in the Kendra-trikona (quadrant-trine) position in Taurus or Gemini. Both of these signs are considered favourable for Rahu, and Rahu is capable of producing the results of a planet in exaltation or mooltrikona.

Rahu Raja Yoga Karak: Rahu is a Raja Yoga Karak planet when it is in the trine house and creates a relationship with the lord of the horoscope’s Kendra house. Similarly, the Raja Yoga karaka outcomes are evident if Rahu sits in the Kendra house and creates a rapport with the owner of the trine. Apart from that, if Rahu in trik or dusthana has a relationship with the Lord of Kendra or trine house, Rajayoga karaka outcomes are obtained.

A strong Rahu bestows worldly powers and success, as well as the external fulfilment of worldly goals, but not usually inner fulfilment. It can give rise to worldly wants that will never be fulfilled, no matter how successful the individual is–outer good fortune paired with interior dissatisfaction.

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