Saturn Exalted In Astrology

The King of Karma is Saturn! For the benefit of society as a whole, he subsumes his personality. He works incognito among the crowd and doesn’t care about recognition. He perseveres and works nonstop to ensure that everyone receives their just rewards. He is interested in making up for past wrongs, balancing outstanding Karma, and restoring fairness and order. He finds fulfillment in his work. Saturn requires austerity, hierarchy, organization, maturity, and discipline. He serves and rules while serving.

He has the best chance to complete his work in Libra/Tula, his companion Venus’s airy. Venus is pleased to welcome his buddy Shani and recognizes him as a champion of social justice. And Shani completes his work with elegance and beauty, assisted by the intellect and innate fairness of Libra. Karma is perfectly in harmony! Saturn in Libra excels in legal matters involving the public and enjoys extraordinary material success. Through his lawful and fair services to a sizable portion of society, he tackles previous karmas. His spiritual pursuits will also be regular, and he will become aware of the limitations and restraints on his nature, which he can then overcome.

Your best career and prestige will come from exalted Saturn. When Saturn is exalted, a person often makes a great pioneer. There can be a few arguments with Dad or other family members. Occasionally, problems may arise in daily life. In any event, an exalted Saturn handles someone properly. Someone like this hangs out with influential public figures. He acquires wealth, real estate, and the potential for endless adventures. Saturn is the incredible negatron, just as Jupiter is the exceptional affirmer. Saturn is the transition that frees us from the limitations of human life and opens the door to the limitless. Reflected in Exalted Saturn is the Yogi. He is able to teach us total detachment from material desires and freedom from them throughout our lives. By enabling us to focus, discipline, self-control, and earnestness, Saturn can also convey immense resources and influence in our everyday lives, enabling us to make the most difficult advances in our lives.

Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra, enhancing its organized, practical, and disciplined nature. A person with an exalted Saturn has a strong sense of responsibility, tenacity, and work ethic. They perform well in occupations that demand meticulous planning, organization, and focus. Saturn’s energy is regarded as being disciplined, organized, and balanced when it is in Libra. People with this placement might demonstrate traits like fairness, diplomacy, and a keen sense of justice.

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