Learnings I Learnt From ShrimadBhagwad Geeta

Bhagwad Geeta is basically a beautiful conversation between Shri Krishna and Arjun, where Shri Krishna is explaining regarding his duties, Prabhu Gyan, and helping him to overcome his fears before the war. It took me around one month to complete the whole Shrimad Bhagwad geeta, and I think, I am very thankful to my client who suggested me to read this because I was very keen to know how to live life, what should be the ideal relationship with god, what is truth and what is an illusion, and I think whoever said this, said it correct that “Geeta Teaches You The Right Way To Live Life”.


  • कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।
    मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥

Meaning:- You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not to get attached to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your actions, nor be attached to inaction, All you need to do is to focus and be faithful towards your action and karma.

  • न जायते म्रियते वा कदाचि न्नायं भूत्वा भविता वा न भूयः।

अजो नित्यः शाश्वतोऽयं पुराणो न हन्यते हन्यमाने


Meaning:- The soul is neither born nor does it ever die; The soul is without birth, eternal, immortal, and ageless. It is not destroyed when the body is destroyed. So, instead of beautifying your body, one should beautify your soul, Our soul should be pure and beautifying and purifying, the best way is to start with meditation, yoga and then chakra opening.

  • त्रिविधं नरकस्येदं द्वारं नाशनमात्मनः।

कामः क्रोधस्तथा लोभस्तस्मादेतत्त्रयं त्यजेत्।।

Meaning:- There are three gateways to hell and self-destruction for the soul. These are lust, anger and greed. One should abandon these three completely, If you want god to answer your prayers or to love you, you should first abandon lust, anger and greed, because without not letting all these thing go, you wont able to form bonding with God. For eg:- Ravan was a great sage but his greed, ego and desires overpower all his qualities and lead him to the path of self-destruction.

  • मात्रास्पर्शास्तु कौन्तेय शीतोष्णसुखदुःखदाः।

आगमापायिनोऽनित्यास्तांस्तितिक्षस्व भारत।।

Meaning:-  Krishna said, O son of Kunti, time change for everybody like seasons, tables do turn for everybody, O Arjun, one must learn to tolerate bad time too without being disturbed, and in these time one should completely surrender themselves to god and trust his timings and actions.

  • आपूर्यमाणमचलप्रतिष्ठं समुद्रमापः प्रविशन्ति यद्वत्।

तद्वत्कामा यं प्रविशन्ति सर्वे स शान्तिमाप्नोति न कामकामी।।

Meaning:- Just as the ocean remains undisturbed by the flow of waters from rivers merging into it, likewise the character of the person should be the same, one shouldn’t be affected by flashy desires, one should not fall into the trap of “KAAMNA”, because Kaamna is the first step of destruction as it makes you forget all your limits and dharma in order to fulfill ones desires “KAAMNA”.


1) Wrong type of thinking is the only problem in life, sometimes situations are not wrong your perception about the situation is wrong
2) Right knowledge is the ultimate solution to all our problems, because if you have the right knowledge trust me nothing can stop you from growing
3) Selflessness is the only way to progress and prosperity
4) Every act can be an act of prayer
5) Renounce the ego individually and rejoice in the bliss of infinity
6) Connect to the higher consciousness daily
7) Live what you learn
8) Never give up on yourself, because time changes for everybody, after a dark night only a brighter day comes.
9) Value your blessings, because what you have may be others dont have
10) See divinity all around
11) Have enough courage to see the truth
12) Absorb your mind in the higher
13) Detach from maya and attach to divine, as peace and soul happiness is most important
14) Live a lifestyle that matches your vision, because some time expecting alot lead to the path of destruction
15) Give priority to divinity, over lust, greed, and desires
16) Being good is a reward in itself, no matter what the situation is, dont change your character
17) Choosing the right direction of life,
18) Lets Go, Lets move to union with God, because that should be ultimate motive of an human being

SHRIMADBHAGWAT GEETA has helped me overcoming my anxiety issue, and helped me feel more calmer inside, helped me in becoming a better version of my self. Reading SHRIMADBHAGWAT GEETA is not enough but if you manage to follow even one lesson, trust me it will change your life.
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