Bhai Dooj: Date, Time and significance

Bhai Dooj Will begin at:02:42 PM on 26 Oct 2022
Bhai Dooj Will end at:12:45 PM on 27 Oct 2022
Bhai DoojAparahna Time:01:12 PM to 03:27 PM on 26 Oct

The auspicious festival Bhai Dooj signifies the unique connection between a sister and a brother. This special connection is also known as Bhratdwitya, Yam dwitiya, Bhai Teeka etc. Bhai Dooj falls in the month of Kartik, on the dark lunar fortnight. This day falls right after Diwali, 2 days to be exact. On this occasion, the sisters apply a tika (tilak) and pray for the long and healthy life of their brothers. The Brother returns the favor by giving her gifts. On the special occasion of Bhai Dooj, people worship and venerate the god of death Yamraj.

Customs and Vidhi’s about Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is observed on the 2nd day of the dark lunar fortnight. There are several methods through which Its calculation can be done some of them are the following:

1.  As per the scriptures, if the 2nd day of the dark lunar fortnight of the Kartik month lies in the 4th quarter of the day, then we celebrate Bhai Dooj on this date. If on both days Dwitiya tithi touched afternoon, then the festival of love and care, Bhai dooj will be celebrated on the next day.

2.  If on a Kartik dark lunar fortnight, the pratipadatithi reaches the evening, then Bhai Dooj is celebrated. Although this belief is not said to be exact and very accurate.

3.  On the afternoon of Bhai Dooj, the brother is to be treated with lunch and tilak. Apart from this, the god of death is also venerated and worshipped on this day.

The Puja Vidhi and the Rituals to be followed on Bhai Dooj

According to the Indian religion, without proper traditions and customs, the Hindu festivals don’t give out the proper vibes about them. For this very reason, every festival in India is celebrated with utmost exuberance and enthusiasm.

1.  The plate from which the brother is to be worshipped is decorated. The plate has to have flowers, sweets, fruits, vermillion, sandals and, betel nut.

2.  Before the Tilak function takes place, chalk out a square with rice.

3.  On this square, the brother is seated and he waits for the right time or we can say ShubhMuhurat when the sister finally applies the tilak.

4. Post-Tilak give fruits, crystallized sugar, betel leaf, betel nut, to your brother and after that sister performs Arti for a brother an aarti on him.

5.  Once the Aarti and Tilak are done, the brother presents his sister with a gift and takes a promise to protect her for life.

The Festival Bhai Dooj signifies the bond that is shared by a sister and brother. It is a bond like nothing else. So true and so pure in itself.

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