Astrological remedies for a good career

The experts believe that Saturn is the planet that rules the professional front of a person. Those who don’t have a good presence of Lord Shani in their horoscope suffer from hurdles in their professional front.

Feed Cows daily

It is an easy remedy to get a job quickly. You can feed them anything, it is beneficial to feed them with chapatis. This astrological remedy helps decrease the ill effects of Saturn and helps you get good opportunities.

Light Diya AtPeepal Tree

Saturday is dedicated entirely to Lord Shani. So, visit the Shani temple on Saturday and light a Diya at a peepal tree. Take a red thread and tie it around the peepal tree thrice and wish for your job. This remedy will show amazing results and you will see different doors opening for you.

Donate Black Colour Stuffs

It is a common belief that Lord Shani loves black color and thus people seeking a job must donate useful items to the needy people that are black like black blankets, shoes, umbrellas, or sheets. This remedy helps in reducing the effect of Shani Dosha.

Offer Water To Sun

Offering water to Lord Surya(Sun) after taking a bath is also really beneficial if you are searching for a job. In a copper utensil, add some water and a pinch of turmeric and then offer it to Lord Surya. This remedy is beneficial for people who have been trying for a government job for a long time.

Chant Shani Strotra

God Shani is known as the Lord Of Justice as he gives fruits to the person as per their actions. A person who doesn’t have good placement with Lord Saturn fails to attain success even after working hard. To prevent the Mahadasha of Lord Saturn from affecting your career, you must recite Shani Strotra.

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