I have always considered Rahu “The king of Kali Yuga” stems from Hindu mythology and astrological beliefs. Kali Yuga is the last of the four stages or ages that the world goes through as part of the cycle of Yugas according to Hindu cosmology. It is characterized by a decline in righteousness, spirituality, and moral values.

Here’s a detailed explanation of why Rahu is often associated with the characteristics of Kali Yuga:

1. Mythological Connection: In Hinduism, Rahu is one of the nine planet known as the Navagrahas. Rahu is shadowy planet associated with deception, illusion, and worldly desires. According to mythological accounts, Rahu is the severed head of an asura (demon) who attempted to attain immortality by drinking the elixir of life during the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan). Lord Vishnu decapitated the asura, but since he had already consumed the elixir, his head became immortal, leading to the creation of Rahu and Ketu (the ascending and descending lunar nodes).

2. Materialism and Worldly Desires: Rahu is believed to represent materialism, ambition, and worldly desires in Vedic astrology. In Kali Yuga, characterized by materialism, greed, and hedonism, the influence of Rahu is thought to be particularly strong. People become more focused on worldly achievements, wealth, and power, often at the expense of spiritual growth and ethical values.

3. Obsession with Material Success: Individuals under the influence of Rahu may become overly obsessed with material success, status, and recognition. In Kali Yuga, where the pursuit of material wealth and gratification is rampant, people may prioritize personal gain over communal well-being and spiritual advancement.

4. Dissatisfaction and Discontentment: Rahu is associated with insatiable desires and discontentment. In Kali Yuga, despite advancements in technology and material comforts, people often feel a sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction, perpetually seeking more wealth, pleasure, and worldly achievements.

To be very honest, I have seen people running great businesses or working in top corporate positions with excellent Rahu and its placement especially in Rahu Mahadasha. One more thing Rahu’s influence in Kali Yuga is often depicted in negative terms, it’s important to recognize that every age has its own challenges and opportunities for spiritual growth. In Vedic astrology, understanding the influence of Rahu and other planetary energies can help individuals navigate the complexities of life and strive for balance and self-awareness amidst changing times.

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