Lets Learn Little More About Dasha System In Astrology

In Vedic Astrology , Vinshattari Dasha Division and Faladesha –

Dasha Partition – Vinshtatri

1. Mahadasha

2. Antardasha

3. Intransitive State

4. Subtle condition

5. Prana Dasha

 Intimacy  indicates an effect  of maximum up to  3 years and 4  months.

 For 6 months,

Subtle condition for days

Prana dasa  is beneficial in performing for  hours of   chanting.

The condition  does not always bear  the same fruit in its period.   The fruit varies according to the inner  state, pratytardasha, subtle state, prana state and transit position.  If all the conditions are auspicious, then at that time the  person will get the best auspicious results.  If some conditions are auspicious and some are inauspicious, hen the fruit will be mixed.  If the  planet is auspicious for the  native, then the   average result will be auspicious in the total period of the state.

 Dasha: — planets give  auspicious results according to their  power and power  in their state and inner state| The inner state is the main factor of an outcome    , whereas the mahadasha  helps the outcome of  the inner state| If mahadasha  is  of  an  inauspicious house and the  lord of the inner state is weak, then in that condition the person will suffer|

 The result  of each of  the latter condition is up to a limited area| These conditions help a  situation   in  transit  and result  in  a particular event according to the owner of the inner state

Even if  the lord of  Mahadasha is  weak and ill-effected  , it causes less harm and suffering| If  the lord of Mahadasha in  a horoscope is auspicious and powerful, then a person  progresses  in his life and life is happy

 According to the position of bhavesh in  the horoscope, the  main points  indicating  important events that take place  in   life are the order of the condition. In dasa sequence,  vinshattari dasha order, ashtatari dasha  order, yogini dasha order, char dasha order, mandu dasha order are  prevalent but in determining the timing of  events,   vinshattari dasha is prevalent.  

There is a triangle of  360 degrees and 120 degrees in  the zodiac  |       Considering 120  degrees of the triangle as  the basis, the  age of a human being  has been  fixed at  120 years| And in    the same  age period, the  entire travel period of the navagrahas on the  journey path  was also found to be 120 years| Thus  Maharishi Parashar,  considering  120 years of human life as  the basis,  divided the 27 constellations into 9 planets and gave each planet the  lord  of 3-3 constellations.     A dasha sequence or position system |

This system  is  called  vinshattari method|   According to the      recurring and recurring of the planets like  the sun, the  dasha years of the new planets were  determined by considering the order of the new planets  starting from  the  constellation of  Krittika| Keeping in  mind the  nakshatra position  of the moon  at the time of birth, a  method   of  determining  the mahadasha, antardasha, pratitar dasha, subtle state, and prana state of the planets   |

 Below are  described in  the order  of the great positions of the planets, which are considered for the vinshattari dasha  |

Sun     –      6 years

Moon  –   10 years

Mars   –    7 years

Rahu     –     18 years

Guru     –    16 years

Saturn    —   19 years

Mercury     –-     17 years

Ketu     –   7 years

Venus     –  20 years

Under the Vinshattari Mahadasha system, all other planets  enjoy  their share of their  share in the  mahadasha of a  planet  | This partial state  is called  antardasha|  The inner state of a    planet begins  with the same  state, whose great state is going on  | The rest  of the  rest of  the interdepartments come  from the above order. Along   with the information of any event,  information about  the time of its occurrence is also necessary.  For this,  two methods of dasa and transit are special.  From the dasha  , the knowledge of  the time of the event and its auspiciousness is obtained  from the  transit.

 Vimshottari Dasha Effect

Many times, even when the  horoscope  is  auspicious,  the native does  not get auspicious results,  sometimes in the state,   sometimes in  the inner state  and sometimes in   the transit, the position  of the planets becomes  such  an odd state that  The native  becomes distraught.      In such a situation, the astrologer’s test is to arouse hope and enthusiasm in him.

Auspicious condition  (Dasha with positive results)

If the planet is  located  in the center, triangle, benefit or wealth house (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11th house)  in the  horoscope or is the lord  of these bhavas, then its condition gives auspicious results. The planet  is in high zodiac sign, swarashi or friend zodiac sign.  If the planets  are   full of auspicious planets or  are visible, then they increase in auspicious fruits.

If the planets are   located    in the middle  or are in the sixth, then they get wealth, health, happiness and respect in  their state of  intimacy, in the inner state,  in the  subtle state. Even  if the sin planet (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu)  or the   lord  of  the dwelling place is  in the dwelling position, it is in the   dwadai or trich. They give   auspicious results in dasa  and antardasha.

Rahu / Rahu Ketu is also   auspicious (Positive results from Rahu and Ketu)

If Rahu or Ketu   is located in the center and is  related  to Trikonesh, then Raj Yoga is formed.     Similarly,  even if Rahu or Ketu is located in the triangle and is  related to the center, then raj yoga is  also formed.

 Apart from Rahu or Ketu Center, Triangle, any  emotion  in the birth horoscope is  related to Kendrash and Trikonesh.  These    relationships  can be  formed  in  any way from the point of view.

 Malefic planets are auspicious when in association with benefic planets. 

Natural sin planets (Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu)  are located in sin house (3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th house).  It   provides support,  destruction of disease debt,  elimination of   obstacles and sufferings, and enhancement   of   dignity. Similarly, if the  master of sin or evil emotion (3,6,8,12 bhav) sits anywhere  and is  possessed or seen by  the  lord of the auspicious planet  or auspicious  emotions, then that evil planet  Also, you  will increase wealth by relieving disease, pain, fear, suffering in your state or hunger  .

Understanding results from benefic planets

Often, auspicious planets  first bear  the fruits of the bhav in which they are located.    In the middle, they give  fruits according to  the zodiac in which they are located.    In the end, the   planets from  which they are visible  also bear fruit of the visible planets.

Inauspicious planetary conditions (Results from Malefic planets)

The inauspicious planet will  first  give  fruit related to the zodiac in which this planet is located. After that, the factor  of the emotion  in which this sin planet is located will bear fruit.    In the end, you will get results according to this dasha nath or antardasha nath of different planets.

Dasha of exalted planet

 In the  position of the high planet, the   native gets  respect and fame.

Dasha of debilitated planet

In the  condition of a low planet, the  native has  to face conflicts.  But if these low planets  are  located in the third house, sixth house or eleventh house and their low is also being broken, then they give Raj yoga.  This is called Neechbhanga Raj yoga.

Dasha of retrograde planet

Retrograde planets reduce the  factors of the emotions in which they are located  and the emotions  they are owned.    Retrograde planets   make repeated attempts.   In the  case of retrograde planet,  there are a lot of  ups and downs in the life of the  native.

Mars Debilitated Mars

Mars is   considered inferior in Cancer.  But Mars is the  yogic planet for Cancer  .   Being in the fourth house (happiness  )   from your  Aries and from the scorpio to the fortune (ninth house) increases trade, business and honor  . It increases and   prospers.   In  the state of Mars, the person gets benefits and prestige.

The astrologer  should  first study  the  magazine thoroughly  and then consider the condition.  It is also seen        that the condition   is also  given only half-incomplete. 

For  example, if   jupiter’s condition is good,  if the condition of shashthesh is inauspicious,  then Saturn of Libra will give good results etc.This article is  based   on this topic  , at least what should be kept  in mind while considering dasaphal.     Whenever you  want to consider the  position of the planets, the following things must be examined: —

1) Which planet belongs to 

2)  Where is Dashanath (the planet whose position is  located) in the horoscope

3)  Which  planets are sitting  along with Dashanath

4) Which planets are influencing  Dashanath through vision?

5)  How strong  are the planets  that are  affecting  Dashanath through  vision or conjunction?

6)  Which planets that influence Dashanath are  the masters of  which emotions?

7) Dasanath is  the lord of  which  bhavas

8)  Which planets is Dashanath looking at?

9) Dashanath is a natural auspicious  planet or inauspicious

10)  What  is the factor of emotions dashanath?

11)  Who is the lord of the zodiac in which Dashanath is and where is he located?

12)  Who is the factor in the bhav in which Dashanath is  and where  is located

 The planet  which is the factor causes  profit or loss from the object or subject related to it.  For example   , Venus is  the factor of  vehicle, Jupiter is the  factor of son, Mercury is the factor of speech etc.This was only for  mahadasha.  There is a  need to  think   separately  for the mood.  Keeping  in  mind the relationship between  Mahadashanath and Antardashanath, the results are good.   There  are   also subtle states  and subtle states, but it depends on  how accurate the birth time is—-

(1)  When is the planet?  How?  How much?  It is    decided by the state of   mind that  the fruits   are given.

(2) There are  many types of situations, but in all  there is shiromani vinshottari.

(3)  In the earliest  horoscope,  see which of the three marriages (Moon Lagna, Surya Lagna, and Lagna)  is  the owner of  the two marriages or the lord of all three  marriages.  They are mutual friends.  The auspicious inauspicious planets of the horoscope  should be decided by the  majority on the basis of  fixed marriages.   For example if lagna is Aquarius;   If sun   is  in Sagittarius, moon is in Scorpio, then the   planetary will    be decided by Scorpio or Sagittarius ascendant i.e. Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mars  will be auspicious or yogic and Venus, Mercury and Saturn  will be negative.

(4) If the planet of Mahadasha becomes  auspicious or yogic according to the  above rules, then it will bear  auspicious results.    Similarly,  if the  planet of the inner state also  becomes  auspicious or yogic, then the fruit will be even more auspicious.

(5)  Remember that the fruit of the  lord of antardasha is  more important than dashanath – that is, if Dashanath is not an auspicious planet but Bhuktinath is auspicious, then the fruit will be auspicious.

 (6) If Bhuktinath is a friend  of  Dashanath and is in auspicious bhavas (2nd,   4th, 5th, 7th,  9th, 10th and 11th)  from Dashanath, then there is  more Good  results will come.

(7) If Dashanath     nij is located in a better place (second, fourth, etc.)  than the auspicious place  , then it will bear  even more auspicious  results.

 (8) But the most important thing is that there  should be good strength in Shubh Bhuktinath.  If Shubh Bhuktinath is  located    in the center place,  in a higher zodiac or self-region or in  a friend’s zodiac and bhav is in the  middle, a sinner    Not   visible or visible, but with auspicious planets or vision, retrograde  and not at the very beginning  or at the  very end of  the zodiac.  If  bhuktinath is not weak in ninth, then Bhuktinath  will give  good results of the auspicious bhav he  is, otherwise if the planet is the lord of  auspicious bhav but the sixth is  the lord of auspicious emotion  .  , 8th, 12th, etc. is  located in the inauspicious places,  belongs  to a low or hostile zodiac sign, sinful or sinful, zodiac sign.   If he  is weak in the beginning or the end,  weak in  the ninth, the emotion is  in the joint, the soul is set,  then he is the  master of the auspicious emotion.  Even if it happens  , it will bear bad results.

(9) When three planets are united and one  of them   is natural sinner and the other two are  natural auspicious  and if dasa and bhukti belong to  natural auspicious planets, then the fruit  of sinful planet  will happen.  For example  ,  if The ascendant is Cancer, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are somewhere in the same place, if the house of Dasa Guru   is of Venus, then the  fruit will be of Mars.  This fruit   will be good because  Mars is yogic for  cancer people.

(10) When Dashanath and Bhuktinath are located in the same bhava, they give the events related to that bhav

 (11)   When  Dashanath and Bhukti Nath  see the same emotion, they give visible emotional events.

  (12  )  When Dashanath and Bhukti nath are enemies,  sixth, eighth to each other and Bhuktinath is also sixth, eighth, twelfth from  lagna, then in life     Unpleasant incidents such as conflict,  obstacles, opposition, hostility, location,  etc.  occur.

(13) The    masters of  the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, eleventh and twelfth bhavas  from the ascendant give  physical pain in their dasha bhukti if Mahadasha Nath Swami is one of these Bhukti Nath should  be understood as the   master  of bhava and  will be appointed  to give disease in his mahadasha by  being located in the  bhav of any of these  . .  If  such a condition comes  in  the  death segment of the age, then death  occurs.

(14)  When the Guru  is  the lord of  the fourth and seventh or seventh and tenth  , then he feels the center-taking defect.      If such a guru  is  weak in the  above-mentioned second, sixth, etc., then  he gives physical pain  in his condition.

(15) Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets.  They do not have independent fruit.  If these planets are located in auspicious bhavas like  second, fourth, fifth, etc. and the masters of  those bhavas are also strong due to the center position and auspicious influence  .  These shadow planets give  auspicious results in their dasha bhukti.

(16)  If Rahu and Ketu are  under  the influence of auspicious or yogic planets and that effect is  falling on them whether through  conjunction or vision, then the shadow planet is  in its state- antardasha. You will bear  the fruits of those auspicious or yogic planets.

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