Important Of Ascendant In Astrology

In astrology, the life cycle of a person is calculated and analyzed through the calculation and analysis of twelve houses, nine planets and twelve zodiac signs, and the horoscope of any person is a mirror of his life. Although the twelve houses of the horoscope have their own importance in the analysis, but the ascendant or ascendant house of the horoscope has been given the most importance. The rising zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of any person is called Lagna and all astrological calculations are done by establishing this Lagna zodiac sign in the first house of the horoscope, because the rising Lagna at the time of birth is considered as the ascendant of the horoscope. If it is established in the first house, then the name of the first house of the birth chart itself has become Lagna or Lagna house.

According to astrological rules, the ascendant house of the horoscope is also considered important because it represents very important aspects of our life, the ascendant house of the horoscope is related to body strength, health, immunity, form, mind, shape, nature, Nature, age, soul, self-confidence, respect, fame, reputation, fame, speed, etc. have been considered factors. The ascendant and lord of the ascendant in a strong position in the horoscope provide good conditions for the above mentioned aspects in the life of the native, while the weak ascendant and lord of the ascendant make the person face many ups and downs and struggle.

If the Ascendant is influenced by auspicious planets in the horoscope and the Ascendant Kendra, Trikon (1, 4, 7, 10, 5, 9 houses) etc. are in auspicious places or the self is strong in exaltation, then the person’s health is good. The person is full of self-confidence and when the Lagnesh is strong, the person gets wealth, social prestige, fame and fame, when the Lagnesh is strong and in auspicious position, the person’s face is bright and the person’s behavior and personality are attractive. In whose horoscope, ascendant lord is located in the ascendant itself or ascendant lord is aspected by ascendant, such a person is a well-known person in his field who gets a lot of fame and prestige.

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