Vastu shastra tips to cure mental stress

Vastu Shastra tips can help you get rid of mental stress. Nowadays, One thing that everyone is bothering about is anxiety and stress.  Constant worries about tomorrow, family, job, etc., have taken their toll on natives. Moreover, we tend to think about useless possibilities that can increase our stress levels and make us overthink several situations. If you seem to have any issue regarding a specific thing in your life, you can ask our astrologers about Vastu shastra tips and get rid of your problems. This can help you decrease your stress levels and get a bright insight towards the perfect direction.

What Is Mental Stress?

Mental anxiety or stress is a condition that negatively affects the body and thoughts of the sufferer. In this state, a person faces extra mental distress and can go through stages of depression. The mental stability and power of the person weaken due to which a person can take wrong and bad steps at times. A study found that many people who commit suicide or any other crime are sufferers of mental issues. From this, it can be estimated how badly the impact of cognitive problems is.

Symptoms that You Are Suffering From Mental Stress

  • Lack of concentration
  • Living in isolation
  • Poor memory and decision making skills
  • Changes in food habits,
  • Loss of appetite,
  • Indigestion
  • Change in emotional reactions,
  • Excessive emotional
  • Loss of self-confidence,
  • Being fearful
  • Negative thoughts
  • High blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Diabetes
  • Hair loss
  • Arthritis,
  • Low immunity
  • Skin disease

Reasons Behind High Mental Stress

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Sour relationship
  • Lack of sleep
  • Financial troubles
  • Separation from loved ones
  • Family problems
  • Failure
  • Pressure

Astrological Reasons Behind High Mental Stress and Anxiety.

In astrology, the planet Moon is called the helper of one’s mental consciousness. If Moon seems fragile in one’s Kundli, then that native has to face mental problems. During this period, the person can be depressed as well. Mental stress, depression, or anxiety is when a person seems happy and sound outside but struggles hard with serious negative thinking internally.The 4th house in the Kaal PurushKundli is ruled by Cancer, which defines the happiness of life. Apart from this, it reveals the state of heart and mind as well. The 5th house in a Kundli is also significant, as it represents our thoughts and intelligence.

Vastu shastra Tips Cure Mental Stress

Mental stress is a serious issue, and some specific vastu shastra tips have been advised:

  • To strengthen the Moon in your horoscope, you should respect your pare and adorn silver on your body.
  • For strengthening Mercury, feed either fodder or green spinach to Gaumata or Sabut Moong Pulse on Wednesday.
  • You should use copper utensils when you eat or drink anything, which is said to incur desired results.
  • On Monday, seek the blessings of young girls and offer something nice to eunuchs as a gift.
  • If Saturn afflicts the Moon in the birth chart, make donations to pacify Saturn, such as donating Chhaya Patra on Saturday and offering sugar to the ants.
  • If you are suffering from stress due to the influence of Rahu, then you should donate moong dal on Wednesday evening, feed Roti or bread to a black-coloured dog and recite BhairavaChalisa.
  • If Mars seems to cause mental stress, you are advised to donate blood on Friday or plant a tulsi in a temple.
  • Strengthen the place of the lord of the third and fifth house of your Kundli.

You should adopt these simple Vastu shastra tips to avoid mental stress. They will help you to overcome your issues and emerge healthily. Apart from this, you can also go for medical counselling or avail our vastu shastra tips services.

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