Neelam 5.25 carat

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Blue sapphire is an interesting gemstone which brings a lot of benefits to the wearer. Blue sapphire is a stone of shani. Saturn is the planet of Karma or the results of action. hence the periods when Saturn rules over the horoscope of an individual are highly crucial both in the individual’s making and breaking
Benefits of Neelam :
It is one of the fastest acting gemstone and the impact is felt instantly.It can bless with wealth, good luck, opportunity, and promotion etc within 1 day to a month of wearing it. If the Blue Sapphire is suitable it shows miraculous results especially in Saturn positive Transits like the Sade Sati. One can feel the relief instantly by viewing a boost in energy. Neelam Stone is a highly protective gemstone. It helps in protection from enemies, evil eye, jealousy etc. Blue Sapphire blesses with mental clarity, clears confusion and blesses the individual with the correct decision making abilities. It improves digestion, takes away your enemy and helps improve focus and concentration. It has excellent healing abilities to smooth the senses and blesses with calmness In certain horoscope situations it removes negativity, unknown fears and complexes. Blue Sapphire has a direct impact on wealth levels. It gives a positive boost in finances. It can bless with multiple sources of income if the individual is so inclined and works towards it It gives names, fame and reputation in society
To those who are spiritually inclined it gives the capacity to perform spiritual practices, improves the quality of meditation and aids in quest of self realization.

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